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SPIE steers the new Médipôle hospital centre in Lyon towards new digital practices


SPIE steers the new Médipôle hospital centre in Lyon towards new digital practices

Paris, February 12th, 2018 – Médipôle, Lyon’s future major hospital centre, has tasked SPIE ICS, the digital services subsidiary of the SPIE group and a leading player in the health and telemedicine sector, with installing its new security, network and telephone infrastructure in a completely secure environment. One of the key parts of this contract involves SPIE ICS implementing an innovative ‘patient pathway’ approach.

708 beds for 250,000 consultations per year

The Médipôle hospital centre in Lyon is the fruit of a ground-breaking hospital cooperation project between the Capio group and the healthcare arm of the French Federation of Mutual Funds. By 2019, Lyon’s largest health centre will offer all medical and surgical specialities on a single site in Villeurbanne. The volume of activity will be unprecedented: 250,000 consultations and 40,000 emergency procedures per year, over almost 50,000 m2. The planning and layout requirements for this new site will therefore be substantial.

Steering Médipôle towards new digital practices in a hospital environment

SPIE ICS has been assigned to give advice and roll out network and telephone infrastructures. The digital services subsidiary of the SPIE group has been placed in charge of installing and commissioning LAN and WIFI network infrastructure across the entire site, whilst ensuring maximum security levels. The WIFI equipment has been designed so that it can be linked to a system for geolocating items of equipment by using sensors. “This geolocation device is extremely innovative, especially on hospital sites of this magnitude”, explains Grégory Moulin, a business engineer at SPIE ICS. “The technology deployed will make it possible to guide patients within the buildings, thereby simplifying the course of treatment. There will be many benefits for both the patients and the medical centre: there will be greater time-saving and efficiency, stages of patient care will be monitored, equipment will be checked, and any risks of theft will be prevented.”

Tight deadlines

SPIE ICS began designing and preparing the configurations in September 2017. These operations are being carried out in close cooperation with Capio and the French Federation of Mutual Funds in order to reconcile their respective plans and constraints, especially in relation to security. The network architecture will start to be rolled out in 2018, with the launch date scheduled for 1 January 2019, depending on how far along the civil engineering work is by then.

“Our knowledge of the health sector and of its specific traits played a decisive part in Médipôle awarding the contract to us. Our technical and economic proposal, our coherent view of the issues at play and the benchmark projects in the health sector that we’ve carried out in and around Lyon all made the difference”, says Jacques Verdier, a Department Director at SPIE ICS.



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